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There’s nothing quite like a walk downtown Guelph to really capture some fun moments! We met up outside Red Brick Cafe on beautiful Douglas Street and sauntered down to Goldie Mill. We couldn’t have asked for a better evening despite forecasts predicting otherwise. Here are a few of my favourite images from our session.


Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-2Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-5Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-9Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-14Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-16Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-19Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-21Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-32Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-42Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-61

“Hey John, can you come and shoot the party?” Uhhhh, OF COURSE I CAN! Wedding receptions are always the opportunity to catch people once they’ve chilled out with a good meal, a drink or two and a chance to chat up their friends and family. I pulled into the gorgeous lane way of the Caledon Country Club just before the first course was being served. This was a fun crowd, they laughed, they danced and I got to catch it all! I may have even grabbed a tiny sugar buzz from the well-stocked candy bar!

A special thanks to Kelley Colarossi for setting us up and to Roby Miller for lending a keen eye!


Enjoy some of my faves from this reception!


Brittany and Darren are Married!-2Brittany and Darren are Married!-10Brittany and Darren are Married!-18Brittany and Darren are Married!-20Brittany and Darren are Married!-41Brittany and Darren are Married!-42Brittany and Darren are Married!-65Brittany and Darren are Married!-95Brittany and Darren are Married!-102Brittany and Darren are Married!-152Brittany and Darren are Married!-158Brittany and Darren are Married!-161Brittany and Darren are Married!-162

It poured rain the entire visit to scope out this location rushing the tour. I really didn’t get a great chance to take in this gem, nestled tidily amidst municipal towers downtown Hamilton.  Wedding day weather was FAR more agreeable! The intimate vibe at Whitehearn Historic House and Garden is truly 2nd to none allowing for some beautiful moments. It was a stunning afternoon shared with their closest friends. Here are some of the highlights of the day.



It doesn’t happen often that so many details align that allow me to photograph a destination wedding, especially one of a good friend. Over the course of the week abroad, I got to know the rest of the family and this made for such a comfortable environment in which to capture intimate, gorgeous moments.


Sarah and Paul are Married!-12Sarah and Paul are Married!-30Sarah and Paul are Married!-132Sarah and Paul are Married!-149Sarah and Paul are Married!-229Sarah and Paul are Married!-182Sarah and Paul are Married!-193Sarah and Paul are Married!-208Sarah and Paul are Married!-292Sarah and Paul are Married!-294Sarah and Paul are Married!-428Sarah and Paul are Married!-509Sarah and Paul are Married!-638Sarah and Paul are Married!-656Sarah and Paul are Married!-725Sarah and Paul are Married!-740Sarah and Paul are Married!-923Sarah and Paul are Married!-924Sarah and Paul are Married!-935Sarah and Paul are Married!-937Sarah and Paul-40

Sony and Mike are just about the best people on the planet! Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten to know them really well and call them both friends! I’d even dog-sit for them! I was honoured to photograph their wedding this past weekend and here are a few of my faves. Let me know what you think!