The energy, the buzz, the vibe, the love, the party, the new step in life… It’s these things and more that keep me coming back! My approach is dynamic; blending modern, candid and traditional styles to capture your day as it unfolds. I’m eager to experiment with your vision and add my artistic flair to create the perfect shot. I am confident that you’ll have the photographs you’ve always wanted. I love laughing and have fun throughout the whole day. This creates a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere so you’re at ease and confident that you are going to get the best.

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“Sure we can shoot at your house and then hang out at the abandoned prison!” This is how EVERY conversation with a client should start, isn’t it? I’m loving photographing families in their homes. The comfort, the chaos, the comfortable chaos…it’s all part of the beauty that just screams FAMILY!

These guys are relaxed and their near one-year old is cool as a cucumber. We caught some moments that can only happen ‘at home’. After this, we suited up and the old York Rd Prison which is now a popular green space amongst Guelph locals.

Here are some of my favourite images, enjoy!

Sgrignoli Family 2015-7Sgrignoli Family 2015-13Sgrignoli Family 2015-16Sgrignoli Family 2015-21Sgrignoli Family 2015-24Sgrignoli Family 2015-28Sgrignoli Family 2015-38Sgrignoli Family 2015-40Sgrignoli Family 2015-43Sgrignoli Family 2015-52Sgrignoli Family 2015-82Sgrignoli Family 2015-88Sgrignoli Family 2015-96


These guys came all the way from B.C. to have their closest friends and families together for a beautiful Fall wedding. Morgan and her girls were dreams to work with and the style the guys chose just screamed classy, Fall wedding.

All the VIP’s spent their prep time in Brentwood Cottages. These cottages are well-appointed, clean, and SO up-to-date!

Hessenland Country Inn has some stunning backdrops and provides a well-organized space with accommodating and friendly staff. The weather cooperated for most of the day but the late night made for some stunning images.


I hope you enjoy my faves from this gorgeous day!

Morgan and Ryan are Married!-10Morgan and Ryan are Married!-44Morgan and Ryan are Married!-46Morgan and Ryan are Married!-89Morgan and Ryan are Married!-119Morgan and Ryan are Married!-146Morgan and Ryan are Married!-152Morgan and Ryan are Married!-175Morgan and Ryan are Married!-237Morgan and Ryan are Married!-568Morgan and Ryan are Married!-647Morgan and Ryan are Married!-684Morgan and Ryan are Married!-690Morgan and Ryan are Married!-692



Every once in a while you meet people you are sure are going to be your coolest clients ever… This is Carla and Joe, plain and simple. These guys were all about their families and eager to show them all to a good party! The ceremony took place at City Hall, downtown Kitchener. It was intimate, with those closest in attendance.

Enjoy having a peek at a few photos from their wedding!

Carla and Joe are Married!-23Carla and Joe are Married!-27Carla and Joe are Married!-32Carla and Joe are Married!-47Carla and Joe are Married!-51Carla and Joe are Married!-57Carla and Joe are Married!-58Carla and Joe are Married!-79Carla and Joe are Married!-116Carla and Joe are Married!-125Carla and Joe are Married!-159Carla and Joe are Married!-161


“Hey John, can you come and shoot the party?” Uhhhh, OF COURSE I CAN! Wedding receptions are always the opportunity to catch people once they’ve chilled out with a good meal, a drink or two and a chance to chat up their friends and family. I pulled into the gorgeous lane way of the Caledon Country Club just before the first course was being served. This was a fun crowd, they laughed, they danced and I got to catch it all! I may have even grabbed a tiny sugar buzz from the well-stocked candy bar!

A special thanks to Kelley Colarossi for setting us up and to Roby Miller for lending a keen eye!


Enjoy some of my faves from this reception!


Brittany and Darren are Married!-2Brittany and Darren are Married!-10Brittany and Darren are Married!-18Brittany and Darren are Married!-20Brittany and Darren are Married!-41Brittany and Darren are Married!-42Brittany and Darren are Married!-65Brittany and Darren are Married!-95Brittany and Darren are Married!-102Brittany and Darren are Married!-152Brittany and Darren are Married!-158Brittany and Darren are Married!-161Brittany and Darren are Married!-162


Sometimes you get the honour of photographing your oldest friends wedding. One hot day in Chatham and 4 blue suede shoes is what we got! Bayside Brewery’s local craft beer was on tap at the reception and it was a great book end to an intimate, touching ceremony. The Cultural Centre offers a gorgeous exposed brick interior with funky lighting and wood accents.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favourites frames of the day!


Jill and Rich are Married!-9Jill and Rich are Married!-10Jill and Rich are Married!-15Jill and Rich are Married!-43Jill and Rich are Married!-46Jill and Rich are Married!-57Jill and Rich are Married!-98Jill and Rich are Married!-195Jill and Rich are Married!-206Jill and Rich are Married!-210