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Our weddings are where we shine! We love the buzz, the excitement and all the emotion that comes with your wedding!

Sometimes you get the honour of photographing your oldest friends wedding. One hot day in Chatham and 4 blue suede shoes is what we got! Bayside Brewery’s local craft beer was on tap at the reception and it was a great book end to an intimate, touching ceremony. The Cultural Centre offers a gorgeous exposed brick interior with funky lighting and wood accents.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favourites frames of the day!


Jill and Rich are Married!-9Jill and Rich are Married!-10Jill and Rich are Married!-15Jill and Rich are Married!-43Jill and Rich are Married!-46Jill and Rich are Married!-57Jill and Rich are Married!-98Jill and Rich are Married!-195Jill and Rich are Married!-206Jill and Rich are Married!-210

It poured rain the entire visit to scope out this location rushing the tour. I really didn’t get a great chance to take in this gem, nestled tidily amidst municipal towers downtown Hamilton.  Wedding day weather was FAR more agreeable! The intimate vibe at Whitehearn Historic House and Garden is truly 2nd to none allowing for some beautiful moments. It was a stunning afternoon shared with their closest friends. Here are some of the highlights of the day.



You know those pine tree air fresheners that wreak of what chemicals think nature smells like? Well remove the chemical, add trees, fresh water and a lack of any major city to numb your senses and THAT’S what it smells like in New Liskeard. When immersed there, you automatically shift into a different gear, a kinder, more gentle gear. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in that predicament, it only gets better when being surrounded by a bunch of people who emanate this same mindset!

Éliza and Bryce’s wedding day was fantastic. Who’s kidding who, their engagement photos were a total blast! Have a peek here!

Although incredibly windswept, it was a gorgeous Spring day for a wedding and the breeze kept the looming insects at bay!

Congratulations Éliza and Bryce! I hope you enjoy this recap of their day.

Eliza and Bryce are Married!-9Eliza and Bryce are Married!-10Eliza and Bryce are Married!-23Eliza and Bryce are Married!-26Eliza and Bryce are Married!-363Eliza and Bryce are Married!-387Eliza and Bryce are Married!-479Eliza and Bryce are Married!-490Eliza and Bryce are Married!-562

It doesn’t happen often that so many details align that allow me to photograph a destination wedding, especially one of a good friend. Over the course of the week abroad, I got to know the rest of the family and this made for such a comfortable environment in which to capture intimate, gorgeous moments.


Sarah and Paul are Married!-12Sarah and Paul are Married!-30Sarah and Paul are Married!-132Sarah and Paul are Married!-149Sarah and Paul are Married!-229Sarah and Paul are Married!-182Sarah and Paul are Married!-193Sarah and Paul are Married!-208Sarah and Paul are Married!-292Sarah and Paul are Married!-294Sarah and Paul are Married!-428Sarah and Paul are Married!-509Sarah and Paul are Married!-638Sarah and Paul are Married!-656Sarah and Paul are Married!-725Sarah and Paul are Married!-740Sarah and Paul are Married!-923Sarah and Paul are Married!-924Sarah and Paul are Married!-935Sarah and Paul are Married!-937Sarah and Paul-40

The bestest backyard wedding happens when the most chill people live in the perfect spot. Meet Amanda and Torin. They’re backed into what must be 3 acres of heaven! It was perfect; the sun, the shade, the breeze, the Steam Whistle on tap. By the time I left, the fireworks had blown over and the bonfires were high and mighty and the stars screamed for summer to rage on. There was even a “smore-kit” basket!

Does it sound poetic and dreamy? It should. What a fantastic wedding. Enjoy the images!

Amanda & Torin-1Amanda & Torin-11Amanda & Torin-12Amanda & Torin-17Amanda & Torin-19Amanda & Torin-34Amanda & Torin-86Amanda & Torin-224Amanda & Torin-234Amanda & Torin-247Amanda & Torin-250Amanda & Torin-257Amanda & Torin-321Amanda & Torin-338Amanda & Torin-342Amanda & Torin-372Amanda & Torin-375Amanda & Torin-486Amanda & Torin-490