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Our weddings are where we shine! We love the buzz, the excitement and all the emotion that comes with your wedding!


Ain’t no party like pre-wedding partying! Tons of eats, a live band, drinks for all. It all started early and didn’t finish for another 15 hours or so. Victoria is as cool as they come. After 2 mishaps that would ‘bridezilla’ the calmest and she took it all in stride, unbelievable! haha

We had an stunning day with Victoria, Graham and their families. The ceremony was gorgeous and the reception venue was well-decorated, the food offerings were amazing and the DJ really kept things rolling all night!.

Congratulations Victoria and Graham!

Thanks for having me along for the day, and enjoy these first few images!









14368761_1402804766400551_5406310874521186850_nOk ok…so I’m certainly no graphic designer…BUT I am a MoBro, and that’s what counts here! Read on…

I’m entering my 6th year of participation into a Movember campaign…$6341 dollars raised over the previous 5 years, hooray me! These funds have come from all different people and every year I make a different push, angle, twist on “fundraising”. I’ve made moustache cookies, cupcakes, prepared a limited-seating gourmet lunch and even let the finals donors decide how i should shave some of my Mo away.

This year, and for the first time, I’m offering photo sessions in exchange for donations to my Movember campaign…click HERE to donate now!

Unlike so many ‘generous offers’ I’m not “donating profits” or “50% of ALL proceeds” going to the cause.

No No No!

I am working IN EXCHANGE for your contribution of ($100 or more). 100% of the money you donate goes directly to Movember. I will collect no money, Russell Oliver will NOT be on site to give you money for your gold gold gold so leave Nana’s pearls at home!

So, what WILL I do? I will photograph you or your family or your pet or pet rock for roughly 30 minutes and email you a link with high resolution, edited images…around 10-15 if I had to venture a decent estimation.

WHEN are these shenanigans taking place?!? October 8th and 22nd (if needed)…if and absolutely IF these dates do not work, we can sort out rain dates as needed.

WHERE is the #MOphotosesh going down? I love the light and the backdrop provided by the old prison on York Rd in Guelph. Here’s the dealio…I don’t get paid, I don’t want to drive Hell’s half acre over 2 weekends! Times TBD, but you can count on mornings and early evening appointment times…mid day light is for suckers! Photogs, you know what I’m talkin ’bout!

In all honesty, I’m drafting a schedule now, and have some spots already taken so donate now and let’s get the #Mophotosesh underway!


Your #MoBro,



These guys came all the way from B.C. to have their closest friends and families together for a beautiful Fall wedding. Morgan and her girls were dreams to work with and the style the guys chose just screamed classy, Fall wedding.

All the VIP’s spent their prep time in Brentwood Cottages. These cottages are well-appointed, clean, and SO up-to-date!

Hessenland Country Inn has some stunning backdrops and provides a well-organized space with accommodating and friendly staff. The weather cooperated for most of the day but the late night made for some stunning images.


I hope you enjoy my faves from this gorgeous day!

Morgan and Ryan are Married!-10Morgan and Ryan are Married!-44Morgan and Ryan are Married!-46Morgan and Ryan are Married!-89Morgan and Ryan are Married!-119Morgan and Ryan are Married!-146Morgan and Ryan are Married!-152Morgan and Ryan are Married!-175Morgan and Ryan are Married!-237Morgan and Ryan are Married!-568Morgan and Ryan are Married!-647Morgan and Ryan are Married!-684Morgan and Ryan are Married!-690Morgan and Ryan are Married!-692


Every once in a while you meet people you are sure are going to be your coolest clients ever… This is Carla and Joe, plain and simple. These guys were all about their families and eager to show them all to a good party! The ceremony took place at City Hall, downtown Kitchener. It was intimate, with those closest in attendance.

Enjoy having a peek at a few photos from their wedding!

Carla and Joe are Married!-23Carla and Joe are Married!-27Carla and Joe are Married!-32Carla and Joe are Married!-47Carla and Joe are Married!-51Carla and Joe are Married!-57Carla and Joe are Married!-58Carla and Joe are Married!-79Carla and Joe are Married!-116Carla and Joe are Married!-125Carla and Joe are Married!-159Carla and Joe are Married!-161

“Hey John, can you come and shoot the party?” Uhhhh, OF COURSE I CAN! Wedding receptions are always the opportunity to catch people once they’ve chilled out with a good meal, a drink or two and a chance to chat up their friends and family. I pulled into the gorgeous lane way of the Caledon Country Club just before the first course was being served. This was a fun crowd, they laughed, they danced and I got to catch it all! I may have even grabbed a tiny sugar buzz from the well-stocked candy bar!

A special thanks to Kelley Colarossi for setting us up and to Roby Miller for lending a keen eye!


Enjoy some of my faves from this reception!


Brittany and Darren are Married!-2Brittany and Darren are Married!-10Brittany and Darren are Married!-18Brittany and Darren are Married!-20Brittany and Darren are Married!-41Brittany and Darren are Married!-42Brittany and Darren are Married!-65Brittany and Darren are Married!-95Brittany and Darren are Married!-102Brittany and Darren are Married!-152Brittany and Darren are Married!-158Brittany and Darren are Married!-161Brittany and Darren are Married!-162