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Our engagements are always a blast. It is our opportunity to get to know you before your wedding day. It’s a “no-pressure, let’s have some fun” couple hours walking around your favourite locations. Maybe we revisit that special place you first met, maybe we photograph in a cafe you both love, maybe we just find something special and catch amazing moments.

14368761_1402804766400551_5406310874521186850_nOk ok…so I’m certainly no graphic designer…BUT I am a MoBro, and that’s what counts here! Read on…

I’m entering my 6th year of participation into a Movember campaign…$6341 dollars raised over the previous 5 years, hooray me! These funds have come from all different people and every year I make a different push, angle, twist on “fundraising”. I’ve made moustache cookies, cupcakes, prepared a limited-seating gourmet lunch and even let the finals donors decide how i should shave some of my Mo away.

This year, and for the first time, I’m offering photo sessions in exchange for donations to my Movember campaign…click HERE to donate now!

Unlike so many ‘generous offers’ I’m not “donating profits” or “50% of ALL proceeds” going to the cause.

No No No!

I am working IN EXCHANGE for your contribution of ($100 or more). 100% of the money you donate goes directly to Movember. I will collect no money, Russell Oliver will NOT be on site to give you money for your gold gold gold so leave Nana’s pearls at home!

So, what WILL I do? I will photograph you or your family or your pet or pet rock for roughly 30 minutes and email you a link with high resolution, edited images…around 10-15 if I had to venture a decent estimation.

WHEN are these shenanigans taking place?!? October 8th and 22nd (if needed)…if and absolutely IF these dates do not work, we can sort out rain dates as needed.

WHERE is the #MOphotosesh going down? I love the light and the backdrop provided by the old prison on York Rd in Guelph. Here’s the dealio…I don’t get paid, I don’t want to drive Hell’s half acre over 2 weekends! Times TBD, but you can count on mornings and early evening appointment times…mid day light is for suckers! Photogs, you know what I’m talkin ’bout!

In all honesty, I’m drafting a schedule now, and have some spots already taken so donate now and let’s get the #Mophotosesh underway!


Your #MoBro,



Jordan and Jake are country through and through! I met them at “Gramma’s house”. She was baking cupcakes, of course!


We walked through soy beans, wheat and corn ALL in one late afternoon and captured some really great moments. The Massey, the Chesapeake Bay boys lingering around and the horses in the pasture, there was something amazing in every direction. I’m really looking forward to their big day next June! Please enjoy a few of my favourite images from our session!



There’s nothing quite like a walk downtown Guelph to really capture some fun moments! We met up outside Red Brick Cafe on beautiful Douglas Street and sauntered down to Goldie Mill. We couldn’t have asked for a better evening despite forecasts predicting otherwise. Here are a few of my favourite images from our session.


Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-2Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-5Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-9Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-14Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-16Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-19Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-21Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-32Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-42Victoria and Graham are Engaged!-61

What’s better than a warm March day downtown Toronto? Photographing two lovely people downtown Toronto, that’s what! We met up at Steam Whistle Brewery, finished a delicious unfiltered pilsner and then hit the streets. We found light, ALL of it. It was gorgeous and we found some quiet spaces too…yes…downtown..on a Friday…at 5pm. The only eyebrow raiser was a stranger taking a photo of me taking a photo…ok?

I’m really looking forward to their wedding near the end of May up up, way up in New Liskeard, my dad’s hometown.

Enjoy the highlights from our session and thanks Eliza and Bryce for having me cover your wedding!


Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-3Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-6Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-7Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-11Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-14Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-28Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-47Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-51Eliza and Bryce - Engaged-53

Andrea + Chad | Kitchener / Waterloo Engagement Photography

Super fun engagement this fall and a beautiful fall wedding next November…


Andrea and Chad, Chad and Andrea…Where do I even start?!?  It’s safe to say these images started in 2009 when I first met Andrea and Chad at Crystal and Brian’s wedding.  I must have made quite an impression at Crystal and Brian’s wedding, so I ran into Andrea and Chad at a couple more weddings earlier in 2012.  I captured their engagement nearing the end of September in south Kitchener at the Huron Natural Area and good ol’ Uptown Waterloo.  I always end up walking around quite a bit when I shoot engagement sessions and it gives me a great chance to get to know my couples that much more.  These guys are getting married next November at Cambridge Mill and this is such an awesome venue, I can’t wait to shoot there again.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks!