My name’s John I  love laughing and having a good time with great people!  I create real images of awesome people. I’m right beside the life of the party, quitely, having a total blast catching once in a lifetime memories for you.  I have a passion for great photos and a sense of style that ensures you’ll love the memories I  create for you.

The buzz during a wedding just works for me, and I’ll work great with you too! I cherish those tender, intimate moments, admire watching the family ties and anticipate the festivities where everyone lets a bit loose.

I live in and love Guelph, Ontario and I also love to travel. By mid-winter, I’ve seen enough snow and I’m ready to feel warmth inside and out. I’m eager to travel near and far for your special occasion.

Sometimes you have to stop…

John Chartrand Photography, smelling roses, Guelph, Goldie Mill

John’s Own wedding day fuel:

3 parts ‘good’ coffee (or 2 parts espresso)
2 parts peanut M&M’s
1 part orange Gatorade or Orange Groove Fruitopia
1 pack Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill gum
several parts mind-blowing, ear-drum popping tunes in the car!

 With this time-tested recipe behind me, you can trust that I KNOW how to have a great day photographing a great wedding, YOUR wedding!


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Drop me a line @ 519.400.7606