Carla & Joe; Married! :: Downtown Kitchener Wedding Photography

Every once in a while you meet people you are sure are going to be your coolest clients ever… This is Carla and Joe, plain and simple. These guys were all about their families and eager to show them all to a good party! The ceremony took place at City Hall, downtown Kitchener. It was intimate, with those closest in attendance.

Enjoy having a peek at a few photos from their wedding!

Carla and Joe are Married!-23Carla and Joe are Married!-27Carla and Joe are Married!-32Carla and Joe are Married!-47Carla and Joe are Married!-51Carla and Joe are Married!-57Carla and Joe are Married!-58Carla and Joe are Married!-79Carla and Joe are Married!-116Carla and Joe are Married!-125Carla and Joe are Married!-159Carla and Joe are Married!-161


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