Brittany and Darren :: Caledon Wedding Reception Photography

“Hey John, can you come and shoot the party?” Uhhhh, OF COURSE I CAN! Wedding receptions are always the opportunity to catch people once they’ve chilled out with a good meal, a drink or two and a chance to chat up their friends and family. I pulled into the gorgeous lane way of the Caledon Country Club just before the first course was being served. This was a fun crowd, they laughed, they danced and I got to catch it all! I may have even grabbed a tiny sugar buzz from the well-stocked candy bar!

A special thanks to Kelley Colarossi for setting us up and to Roby Miller for lending a keen eye!


Enjoy some of my faves from this reception!


Brittany and Darren are Married!-2Brittany and Darren are Married!-10Brittany and Darren are Married!-18Brittany and Darren are Married!-20Brittany and Darren are Married!-41Brittany and Darren are Married!-42Brittany and Darren are Married!-65Brittany and Darren are Married!-95Brittany and Darren are Married!-102Brittany and Darren are Married!-152Brittany and Darren are Married!-158Brittany and Darren are Married!-161Brittany and Darren are Married!-162


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