Éliza + Bryce :: New Liskeard Wedding

You know those pine tree air fresheners that wreak of what chemicals think nature smells like? Well remove the chemical, add trees, fresh water and a lack of any major city to numb your senses and THAT’S what it smells like in New Liskeard. When immersed there, you automatically shift into a different gear, a kinder, more gentle gear. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in that predicament, it only gets better when being surrounded by a bunch of people who emanate this same mindset!

Éliza and Bryce’s wedding day was fantastic. Who’s kidding who, their engagement photos were a total blast! Have a peek here!

Although incredibly windswept, it was a gorgeous Spring day for a wedding and the breeze kept the looming insects at bay!

Congratulations Éliza and Bryce! I hope you enjoy this recap of their day.

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