Amanda + Torin :: Hockley | Hockley Valley Wedding Photography

The bestest backyard wedding happens when the most chill people live in the perfect spot. Meet Amanda and Torin. They’re backed into what must be 3 acres of heaven! It was perfect; the sun, the shade, the breeze, the Steam Whistle on tap. By the time I left, the fireworks had blown over and the bonfires were high and mighty and the stars screamed for summer to rage on. There was even a “smore-kit” basket!

Does it sound poetic and dreamy? It should. What a fantastic wedding. Enjoy the images!

Amanda & Torin-1Amanda & Torin-11Amanda & Torin-12Amanda & Torin-17Amanda & Torin-19Amanda & Torin-34Amanda & Torin-86Amanda & Torin-224Amanda & Torin-234Amanda & Torin-247Amanda & Torin-250Amanda & Torin-257Amanda & Torin-321Amanda & Torin-338Amanda & Torin-342Amanda & Torin-372Amanda & Torin-375Amanda & Torin-486Amanda & Torin-490




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